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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below you will find answers to many questions. This section will constantly grow as we find out more and more of the benefits of Infrared and Negative Ion Therapy, so check back often.

If there's a question we don't have here and you'd like to have it answered, just email us at:

Or you can call us at (850) 348-1541

Product Questions

My table needs to serve many functions so can I put a mat of magnets on the table under Biomat? Answer: Yes, they can be used together with the Biomat, under the mat on the table.

What does the FDA registration actually mean?  Does it make the Biomat a more credible health solution than alternative health solutions that are not medically proven?  Is the Biomat medically proven? Answer: The FDA medical device number for the Biomat is U.S. F.D.A. Medical Device: 2954299. It is the standard for governmental approval of any product made in the USA. FDA approval means the product does what it says it does. The Biomat is an Infrared and Negative Ion Therapy deliver system. Richway holds the patents for this device. Infrared and Negative Ion Therapies are not unique, but the delivery system in the form of the Biomat is.

Does the white padding go between the Biomat and the bed mattress? Answer: The white padding goes on top of the Biomat. Put a mattress pad on top of the bed mattress under the Biomat. The cotton padding is machine washable. Getting the Biomat wet will void the warranty.

What is the current Biomat model? Answer: The current model is the Biomat 7000mx, which was introduced in November of 2013.

\Can the Biomat be used on 110 or 220 volts? Answer: The standard voltage is 110v for the biomats in stock for the United States and Canada, but you can get 220v version for other countries as a special order which takes 30-45 days to get to you and there is NO extra cost. Just email to get an international shipping quote.

What if I want to buy more than one mat? Is ther ever a discount? Answer: If you want to buy over 20 at a time, a discount can be obtained. There is a $100 discount on the Biomat Professional if you work in a health related field such as a massage therapist, doctor, or chiropractor.

How do I know my credit card information is secure? Answer: These transactions are protected by a Secure Server used by our website to provide you with 128 bit secure, online credit card processing.

How much will the shipping cost and how is it determined? Answer: Shipping prices are product-based. When you select the product(s) you wish to purchase and fill out the form at checkout, the shipping charge will be displayed. In the event of delays, every effort will be made to contact you by phone or e-mail.Orders requiring Rush Delivery and/or Special Handling will be subject to additional special handling charges ($25 per box). If you would like to request special handling or rush delivery please email our customer service department at

How do I place an order? Answer: To order click on the 'Add to Cart' button next to the product to add item(s) to your cart.  Once we have received notification of your order by credit card we will process your order and you will receive an email receipt of your order. Or you can call 850-348-1541.

What payment methods do you accept? We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards.  We also accept postal money orders.  Your credit card will be billed through RichWay International and say 'Fuji Bio Science' on your statement.  If you would like, you can order by check or money order. Just send us a letter with what product you wish and your information, including shipping address, name, phone number, email address, and mail it with your payment for the total (including shipping) made payable to:

RichWay International:
529 E. 7th Ct.
Panama City, FL 32401
Please allow a few days for bank processing time.

How long after I place my order will I receive my order? We try to ship within 1-2 business days upon receipt of payment, but shipping may take up to 14 business days.  Shipping times will vary.  We will notify you if there will be a significant delay in shipping your product(s) to you.  We ship UPS, sorry but we cannot deliver to (PO Box) Postal Boxes.  Shipping address must a physical address.

What is the Professional discount? If you are a professional in the medical field, a certified Chiropractor or massage tharapist, doctor, dentist, etc, you qualify for a $100 discount. When you order the Professional Package at full price, just email us a copy of your license and we will discount your cost $100.

If something goes wrong with the controller, can I replace just that? Yes, replacement controllers can be purchased for $200.00

What are the real differences between biomats? How is a Professional Biomat different than a Single? Between a Mini and a Professional? Answer: When deciding what size Biomat you want...The difference between the MIni and Professional is that the Pro is full body. Is there a difference? Yes. Its all relative. With the Mini, you are only getting half your body the treatment at one time. The Mini is more portable. The difference between the Professional and Single or bed sizes...if you want a full body treatment but don't want to sleep on your Biomat, then get the Pro. If you know you want to sleep on it, then get the size that fits your bed.






Health Questions

I'm worried about electromagnetic rays.  Does the Biomat protect against EMF waves? Answer: Two of the seventeen layers that comprise the Biomat's construction are dedicated to blocking EMF waves. There is an indicator light on the controller that tells you when those two layers are active.

Is it safe to use the Biomat during pregnancy? Answer: It is100% safe to use the Biomat during pregnancy if the pregnat woman limits herself to the lowest 2-3 settings and not for extended periods (longer than an hour continuous).  It can be great for morning sickness, back aches and body, nausea, pain.  The reason to keep it on low settings is to limit the detoxification as it tends to make people queezy (due to detoxification) and pregnant women get enough of that. A good rule for ANYONE just begining to use the Biomat is go slow and work into it. If you feel nautious, back down and ease into it more.

I went through a cataract removal surgery recently. Is it true the Biomat could blemish my artificial lenses? Answer: Don't use it on the front of your head for more than 15-20 minutes at a time on high settings and you're good.  I would suggest that keeping the head cool by putting it on a pillow or not directly on the mat is best, but in the case of rapid recovery, using the mat on the face for 1-2 times a day 10-15 minutes is fine, but on low settings.

What conditions would the Biomat NOT be good for? Answer: If you use an internal pacemaker or have any metal in your body, because the Biomat heats you from within, will not be a good fit. If you have an internal pacemaker or shrapnel or metal of any kind in your body, it would be best to seek an alternative treatment. Other than that, Biomats are great for everyone.




Distributor Questions

Is there a cost break on the beds if you become a distributor? Answer: The prices are the same for everyone, no discount for distributors. Richway doesn't sell to the public. Just to clarify, we are Richway distributors. We set up this website to sell Biomats. If you need to contact the manufacturer, their phone number is 808-589-2800. They are responsible for warranty issues, repairs, manufacturing and shipping but as a distributor, your UPLINE is responsible for teaching you and giving you information support. Be careful who you buy your distributorship from...its your business and good business decisions are made with logic, not loyalties. Make sure the person you buy your kit from is knowledgeable,. seasoned and will answer the phone when you have questions.

What comes in the Distributor Starter Kit? Answer: The Distributors Kit contains several brochures and 10 order forms to get you started. Richway also requires you purchase $1500 of product from your upline so you have demos.

I would begin as a Distributor earning 5% of the sales price? Answer: Yes, you start out at 5% then after $4500 in sales including your own order(s) you go up to 7%. Then after another $6000 in sales you go up to 10%.  Then after another $6000 in sales you go up to 20%. The binary bonus of $400 comes when you have 6 business centers on each leg. You don't earn commissions on your own orders because you are ordering through your sponsor who is a distributor too. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, email us at:

What are the Refund and Warranty Policies? Answer: You can view the refund and warranty policies here.

Are you the manufacturer?

No. Richway International does not sell it's products to the public. Instead, it has set up a distributor program. But here's something to keep in mind. Anyone can become a distributor for Richway products with very little investment. As a result, many distributors aren't really selling or don't take it seriously. Its imperative that when you choose a distributor, you choose one that is actively selling and will answer the phone when you need customer service and has top-rated customer service.

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