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Cancer and Thermotherapy

Thermotherapy, or Infrared Therapy, is recognized by the National Cancer Institute to be a treatment for cancer. Cancer cells can be weakened or killed at 46 degrees Celcius. So warming the body via thermotherapy can help tumors shrink or even disappear. Research has shown that high body temperatures induced by Infrared Therapy can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and in some cases cause a necrosis or cell death to the cancer cells. Thermotherapy is used in conjunction with traditional cancer therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy. One possible reason for this is that poor supply of blood and oxygen in some types of tumor cells will make them resistant to chemotherapy and radiation. Heat therapy seems to help by increasing blood flow and improving the oxygen supply to the tumor, which can make the cancer cells more responsive to the more traditional cancer treatments..

The 4th Treatment

Western medicine can at times be restrictive. Most cancer doctors only recognize three treatments for cancer: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. For many patients, if these three treatments don't work, they are told there is nothing more the doctors can do. But in Japan, one doctor chose to think outside the box. With just half the regular doseage of chemotherapy used in the West, this doctor combined that with heavy sessions of using the infrared therapy and saw tumors shrink or even disappear. He came to know that thermotherapy is an alternative, non-intrusive treatment for cancer. This doctor, Nobuhiro Yoshimizu,M.D.Ph.D., former head of the Nakamachi Garden Clinic in Japan, wrote a book about his case studies and findings and he named it "The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees."


Ancient Greek doctor named Parmenides once proclaimed,
“Give me a chance to create fever and I will cure any disease”

Thermotherapy and Fever
Cancer continues to be a leading killer in our society. The traditional means of treatment are intrusive, even deadly themselves. At the very least, it is a very painful and exhausting road that every cancer patient goes down. Infrared waves penetrate the skin past the skin into the inner layers of skin of depths of approximately 3/4 to 1/5”. This deeper penetration of heat into the skin results in increased action of the cell structure releasing toxins. With the build up of chemo chemicals in the system, this rapid warming and releasing of water toxins, aids in a quicker reduction of chemo and other chemicals in the body. Heating the body to this temperature induces a false fever. This fever then boosts your immune system and your white blood count and enables the body to fight against the cancer much more efficiently.

The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees

The fact is, not many of us think about our health until something happens. More of us should focus on disease prevention. Keeping your internal body temperature up keeps your vital organs functioning properly. Consistent use of a thermotherapy device can prevent disease. Dr. Yoshimizu knew this and applied that wisdom to his patients and witnessed miraculous results. Like Parmenides, Dr. Yoshimizu knew that creating false fevers in his patients would increase their immunity to diseases like cancer. He believed that only treating disease with treatments that are intrusive and tear down the immune system would not give his patients the tools they needed to fight that disease but only serve to quicken it. Next to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, using thermotherapy in conjunction with traditional treatments lessened the time, pain and cost of treating cancer and other diseases.

"The relationship between our immune system and body temperature is very important. If our body temperature is
around 36°C, our body will have a sufficient amount of immune functions. However, if our body temperature is around 35°C, our immune functions will decline. This is the optimal temperature for cancer cells to be active.
A 1°C drop in our body temperature will cause our immune function to decline by 40% and a low body temperature will create an environment where various diseases can be active in our body"
- Dr. Yoshimizu



Negative Ion Therapy and Cancer

  Negative Ions only exist in a clean oxygen environment. An ion is a particle that contains electrical energy. An atom is the smallest unit of matter and 1cm3 of clean air contains 250~300ions. In order for cells to function properly, there must be a balance between negative and positive ions. If there is a lack of negative ions within cells, effective nutrition absorption and waste excretion functions suffer. Therefore, people with a lack of anions have a higher risk of hypertension, arthrosclerosis and cancer. As the negative ions increase, the alkaline level within the blood increases as well to support our body's waste clearance system.
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